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Family Owned and Locally Operated Since 2001


Founded in 2001, Medina Meadows is a skilled nursing facility and rehabilitation center located in beautiful Medina, Ohio. In 2018 the facility underwent a complete remodel to improve the lives of our residents while increasing the building's aesthetic appeal. Medina Meadows is home to seniors and retired residents who place a high value on their independence, friendships, healthy lifestyle, and medical care. Medina Meadows also serves as a short term home to those recovering from surgeries or injuries who value the ability to return home safely with newly acquired strength after daily physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  Our mission is to enrich the aging experience by providing opportunities for active, engaged, and purposeful living. This benefits not just our residents, but also their families, our staff, and the greater community.

Short Term Rehabilitation & Long Term Care

Blood Pressure Check

Medina offers unique inpatient and outpatient programs, which utilize innovative technologies to help our patients attain their maximum potential after an illness, injury, or elective procedure.

Seniors Socializing

Medina Meadows employs a holistic, personal, and evidence based approach that helps you or your loved one continue to lead an active and dignified life.  Physicians assess each resident to ascertain their condition, chart recovery progress, and take preventative steps to ensure successful outcomes.

Caregiver with Patient

Medina Meadows offers compassionate and professional hospice and palliative care that is personalized for each patient. Our approach consists of pain management, counseling, and spiritual support, all designed to maximize health, autonomy, and piece of mind.

Senior Therapy

Medina's physical therapy programs encompass therapeutic exercises, balance, gait, endurance training, and use of assistive devices. Our occupational therapists strive to improve the skills needed for you or your loved to return home. Our speech therapists treat language and speech difficulties caused by stroke, trauma, or other conditions.


Medina Meadows also offers a variety of specialized services that are individually tailored to a variety of patient needs. These include wound care, bariatric care, psychiatric and psychological services, and outpatient therapy, amongst a host of other services.

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